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MD Kashif Ali

MD Kashif Ali has gained recognition as a prominent figure on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. He is renowned for his captivating content, which includes videos showcasing his creative video creations and entertaining hacks. Additionally, he has garnered a significant following as a social media influencer, particularly on Instagram Reels.

MD Kashif Ali Wiki/Biography

MD Kashif Ali, born and raised in India, hails from a well-established middle-class Islamic family. As of 2023, he is believed to be around 24 years old, although this information is not confirmed. Kashif Ali possesses a remarkable blend of talent, intelligence, diligence, and an appealing personality. With his striking looks, he has amassed a massive fan base both in India and across various social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

He has gained fame through his captivating videos on YouTube and Instagram Reels, which cover a wide range of topics including entertaining hacks,well knowledge-sharing, technology, and intriguing facts. His popularity on Instagram is evident through the millions of views and likes his reels receive from his dedicated Instagram family. As of June 2023, he boasts a substantial following of over 625K+ followers on Instagram. Kashif Ali regularly treats his followers with handsome and stylish photos on his Instagram profile.

The Indian youth hold Kashif Ali in high regard due to his remarkable creativity and engaging hacks demonstrated in his videos. His association with various brands on his Instagram page allows him to earn a substantial income as well.

YouTube Career Of MD Kashif Ali

 Kashif Ali embarked on his journey as a YouTuber by creating his YouTube channel, Tech Fire, on November 26th, 2015. On the same day, he uploaded his very first video titled "How to Install CM13 Android 6.0 in Redmi 1s." Since then, his channel has garnered an impressive following, currently exceeding 285K+ subscribers. Kashif Ali shares a diverse range of content on his channel, including vlogs, unboxing videos, gadget reviews, hacks, tutorials, and entertaining YouTube shorts.

Over the course of his YouTube career, Kashif Ali has uploaded more than 356 videos, providing his viewers with a steady stream of engaging and informative content. His captivating presence on YouTube has resulted in millions of views and likes from his dedicated YouTube family. One of his most popular videos, titled "Install iOS 9 on Android," has amassed over 18 million views and garnered 220K+ likes, solidifying his status as a trending figure on the platform.

MD Kashif Ali Physical Look

MD Kashif Ali Image
MD Kashif Ali Image

Height - 5 Ft 10 Inches (Approx)

Weight - 74 Kg (Approx)

Eye Colour - Black

Hair Colour - Black

Skin Colour - Fair

Shoes Size - 9

MD Kashif Ali Personal Information

Full Name - MD Kashif Ali

Nickname / Username - techfireco

Birth date - Not Known

Age (as on 2023) - Not Known

Birth Place - India

Nationality - Indian

Profession - Youtuber, Influencer, Digital Creator

Religion - Islamic

Zodiac Sign - Not Known

Family Members And Relatives

MD Kashif Ali hails from a stable middle-class Islamic family background. Previously residing in India, he lived with his family members. However, as of now, we do not possess any information regarding the names of his family and relatives. If any relevant details emerge, we will promptly provide an update regarding this matter.

Father Name - Not Known

Mother Name - Not Known

Brother Name - Not Known

Sister Name - Not Known

MD Kashif Ali Image
MD Kashif Ali Pic With His Family

Affairs/Girlfriends and Marital Status 

Based on information available on social media, MD Kashif Ali has not revealed any details about his dating life or relationships. There is no public information regarding his current relationship status, suggesting that he may not be dating anyone at the moment. It is important to note that personal matters such as relationships are often kept private, and individuals have the right to maintain their privacy in this regard.

Marrital Status - Unmarried

Girlfriend - Not Known

Current Status - Single

Interesting Facts About MD Kashif Ali

  • He was born and raised in India, coming from a well-established middle-class Islamic family.


  • He is known for his entertaining hacks, knowledge-sharing, and interesting facts videos on platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube.


  • He is an avid fitness enthusiast who has a deep passion for strength training and building muscle. 


  • He is admired by Indian youth for his creativity, interesting hacks, and engaging videos.


  • He is known for his dedication to keeping his fans informed about his latest videos through his Instagram stories.


  • With over 285K+ subscribers on YouTube, Kashif Ali has amassed a significant following on the platform.


  • He collaborates with various brands on his Instagram page, allowing him to earn a substantial income through brand promotions.


  • His Instagram account is notable for the fact that he follows a limited number of accounts, specifically 29 individuals. 


  • He is also highly active on Instagram, where he has gained a substantial following of more than 475K+ followers (as of June 2023). 

  • One of his most popular videos on YouTube is titled "Install iOS 9 on Android," which has garnered over 18 million views and 220K+ likes.

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