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Sahil Kadam is widely recognized as a YouTuber, Instagram Star, Content Creator, Social Media Influencer, and producer of engaging content showcased on Instagram Reels.

Sahil Kadam (iamskk) Wiki/Biography

Sahil Kadam, popularly known as iamskk, was born in Mumbai, India, into a middle-class Hindu family. As of 2023 (unconfirmed), he is approximately 22 years old. Sahil is recognized for his multifaceted talents, combining a smart, hardworking, cute, and hero-like personality. With a massive fan following across India and on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, he has gained fame for his entertaining, acting, drama, relatable life content, and hilarious comedy videos featured on YouTube and Instagram Reels.

Sahil's videos, always presented in his distinctive voice, often feature his mom and dad, adding a personal touch to his content. His Instagram presence is noteworthy, with millions of views and likes on his reels, making him a trending figure. As of November 2023, Sahil Kadam boasts over 200K followers on Instagram, where he shares handsome and stylish photos, each receiving significant engagement with 10K to 20K likes per post. With more than 552 posts on his Instagram account, he has established a strong online presence. Additionally, Sahil generates income by collaborating with brands and promoting them on his Instagram pages.

Sahil Kadam Personal Information

Full Name - Sahil Kadam

Nickname / Username - _iamskk

Birth date - Not Known

Age (as on 2023) - Not Known

Birth Place - Mumbai, India

Nationality - Indian

Profession - Youtuber, Influencer

Religion - Hinduism

Zodiac Sign - Not Known

Relationship Status - Single

Family Names - Not Known

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YouTube Journey Of Sahil Kadam

As a YouTuber, Sahil Kadam established his YouTube Channel on September 26, 2022, and debuted with his first video, "Navratri hacks," on September 27, 2022. Currently, his channel, "iamskk shorts," boasts a robust YouTube family, with over 1.4 million subscribers. Dedicated to vlogs, relatable life content, and humorous shorts videos, Sahil has amassed a collection of 147 videos on his channel.

Sahil's YouTube presence is marked by trending status, with millions of views and likes from his dedicated YouTube family. One of his standout videos, "Cricket lovers," has garnered exceptional success, accumulating an impressive 44 million views and over 2 million likes, solidifying its place as his most famous YouTube creation.

Sahil Kadam Physical Look

Height - 5 Ft 8 Inches (Approx) 

Weight - 65 Kg (Approx) 

Eye Colour - Black

Hair Colour - Black

Skin Colour - Fair

Shoes Size - 8

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Interesting Facts About Sahil Kadam

  • Sahil Kadam, also known as iamskk, showcases a diverse range of talents as a YouTuber, Instagram star, content creator, and social media influencer.

  • He often includes his mom and dad in his videos, creating a family-oriented and engaging dynamic for his audience.

  • With a significant fan base in India and across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, Sahil has become a social media sensation.

  • Sahil initiated his YouTube journey on September 26, 2022, and quickly gained attention with his first video, "Navratri hacks," uploaded on 27th September, 2022.

  • He is recognized as a trending personality on YouTube, with millions of views and likes on his videos, showcasing the widespread appeal of his content.

  • Among his many videos, "Cricket lovers" stands out with an impressive 44 million views and over 2 million likes, attesting to the popularity and impact of his content.

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